SUN & STARS #tiff58

SUN & STARS #tiff58

Sun & Stars

"I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe."

// Dalai Lama


Sun, Earth and the Moon. Elements bonded and when aligned they create eclipses. Movies, the city and people. Elements bonded and when aligned they create a festival.

Curves as the moon, straight lines as a frame, the edges as this year’s Movie Festival of Thessaloniki waiting for the public’s eye to join and make the 58th happen.

Light & Shadow

The periodicity of the festival, in accordance with the periodicity of astral phenomena, as almost impatiently awaited happenings to unite us all. Besides, cinema was always a case or a game between light and shadow.

So like an eclipse, from darkness to light and from light to darkness, it’s time to enter the cinema halls.

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