The brand name ‘Banshee’ comes form the depths of Irish Mythology. It is about a “dark” female spirit. The iconic that accompanies the logo it is inspired by the Irish trademark sign of clover (shamrock), which is formed by three ‘O’. To continue in a more philosophical way, the ‘O’ symbolizes femininity. Like male and female come together to create a new human being which is always young, different, unique, in its own substance, shape and purpose.

‘O’ and ‘I’ are enough on their own to form any of the rest alphabet symbols. This is the reason that the ‘O’ symbol was chosen as the structural element for the logo design, balancing with its substance the positive part.

Brand tagline and at the same time the very core of the philosophy behind it, is the “Uniquely Spiritual” as long the brand is dedicated in the wild and ‘dark’ side of female spirit. In parallel, in other applications “for those with a yearning spirit” is used too. Respecting the special female nature, as well as its own love to nature and environment and the materials that can be offered to create a premium cosmetic collection, ‘Banshee’ is born.