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omicron & iota

Geoffroy Tory argued that letters should reflect the ideal human body. Regarding the letter A, he wrote: "the cross-stroke covers the man's organ of generation, to signify that Modesty and Chastity are required, before else, in those who seek acquaintance with well-shaped letters."

The approach

Furthermore and with a more philosophical approach ‘O’ represents the female genitals while ‘I’ the male ones. As a man and a woman unite to create a new human being which is always new, different, with its own substance, shape and scope, ‘O’ and ‘I’ are enough by their own architecture to represent all alphabet characters.
In design we experience uniqueness in its every aspect. Uniqueness that serves the purpose of visual communication.
Uniqueness that rises from the inspiration within.
Uniqueness that through its individuality is what makes it exceptional.

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