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omicron & iota

Geoffroy Tory argued that letters should reflect the ideal human body. Regarding the letter A, he wrote: "the cross-stroke covers the man's organ of generation, to signify that Modesty and Chastity are required, before else, in those who seek acquaintance with well-shaped letters."

Who am I?

Hi! I’m Despoina! I love to create. As a Graphics and Web Designer I have collaborated with some amazing people. For the last seven years I have worked as an Art Director in inart, as well as freelancing in areas of interest.

Admiring the art of typography and the power of visual communication. Also spending time listening to alternative music, watching psychedelic movies and enjoying the company of people I love. Interested in working together? Go further and see why I am the girl you need to hire to help our creativity draw together.

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My Projects
  • Diotima’s Women

    Graphic Design, Illustration

  • Apifon Presentation

    Creative, Graphic Design

  • Iliana B. Business Card

    Graphic Design

  • inart Bag Fall/Winter 2018

    Creative, Graphic Design

  • The Living Room Catalogue

    Creative, Graphic Design, Typography

  • Typography and Mass Media

    Graphic Design, Typography

  • MoneyFest Flat Design

    Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design

  • SUN & STARS #tiff58

    Graphic Design, Typography

  • Timo

    Graphic Design

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